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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Here are the 10 most EMPOWERING things that I do to help me be the best version of myself! After reading this think about what things you do or want to do to EMPOWER YOU! Make a list of those things and try to do at least one of those things everyday! If you do, you’ll feel great and motivated to be the best version of yourself!


Setting a goal gives me direction and motivates me to work harder! Accomplishing a goal makes me feel really good! It gives me confidence and motivates me to want to accomplish another goal! Reviewing and visualizing my goals reminds me what it is I want to do and gives my work purpose.


Skydiving, bungee jumping, and public speaking are the 3 things that I was the most afraid to do (other than holding a snake), but I did them and I’ve never felt more alive than I did after doing them! Doing something that I am afraid to do and living to tell about it after makes me feel invincible!


Exercise really pushes me to my limits mentally & physically! I don’t enjoy it while I’m doing it (except for yoga), but I love it when I’m done! After a workout I feel sweaty, sore, and sometimes weak, but most of all I feel confident!

I hiked the Enchantments in one day! 21 miles (51K steps) in 14 hours! This was the most physical and metal thing I've ever accomplished!
Remembering this day EMPOWERS ME!


Walking outside, hiking on a trail, and even sitting by a body of water calms my mind and I feel inner peace. (As long as it’s not raining)


Reading a book of any kind can spark my creativity and fill my head with different ideas and thoughts! When reading something motivational I feel inspired and filled with positivity!


Traveling opens up my eyes to the world and teaches me how big it truly is! I makes me feel like nothing is impossible and makes me feel grateful for my life!


Helping people in need is the way that I can give back and pay it forward to all of the people who’ve helped me in my life! Volunteering brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel important!


Sitting still and not doing anything is really hard for me to do, but when I do I always feel relaxed and energized! Some of my best ideas came to me while or after I meditated.


Every morning I start my day with gratitude prayers. I thank God that I am alive, for the people in my life and for everything that I have. Connecting to my Higher Power and being grateful for my life makes me feel inner peace & fulfilled!


Taking care of myself is the most IMPORTANT & EMPOWERING thing that I can do! When I don’t take good care of myself I feel horrible and unmotivated to do anything. When I do something to take care of myself I feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically!

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