Empowering Beauty Professionals

Empowering those in the beauty industry with quotes, tips, tools, success stories, and inspirational stories of how the industry has changed the lives of individuals sitting in the chair and standing behind it. Beauty Power motivates and inspires those just entering the beauty industry and those looking for something to keep them going!



Here are the 10 most EMPOWERING things that I do to help me be the best version of myself! After reading this think about what things you do or want to do to EMPOWER YOU! Make a list of those things and try to do at least one of those things everyday! If you do, you’ll feel great and motivated to be the best version of yourself! 1. GOAL SETTING Setting a goal gives me direction and motivates me to work harder! Accomplishing a goal makes me feel really good! It gives me confid


"Day by day in my own way I am becoming more successful."

Jen Restad


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